How to train your brain?

Today we will discuss a very interesting factual topic. This article can change your life if you follow it properly. In this life-changing motivational blog ,Even i dont like blog writings but after applying this trick my mind,here i am professional blogger now. I will tell you some tricks to become successful in your respective careers.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Abstract
  • How brain works?
  • How can you use social media algorithms to train your brain?
  • How to train your mind for something specific?
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Did you ever notice that instagrma reels and YouTube shorts show their videos based on our likes and dislikes? If we like a certain genre of video, they will show us that genre of video, and we will just get totally tapped in. We will just enjoy those same genres of videos, and our brains will get trained by those videos. They will continue this pattern until we dislike or like another genre of video. This shows a pattern. The same pattern can be used in education or self-learning systems to train future generations. For example, if you want to be an astronaut, read daily about astronauts. This will create a pattern in our pattern.

How brain works?

Don’t worry, I’m not a medical student, so we won’t be discussing the physical workings of the brain; instead, we’ll be learning about

how the brain processes data?

How do brains form patterns using that data?

How do those patterns help the brain to take decisions?

How will those decisions affect our lives?

Everything we see or do is an input to our mind. On this input, the mind does some kind of operation to convert output into informed of action and thoughts.The functions applied on input by our minds its varies time to time and this affection one can say a trained teacher,This teacher will process input inform they have pattern in their mind.

Let’s take an example. Suppose someone is painting a wall. Two people are watching this event . One of them is from an artistic background and one is from a technical background. Their minds will process that even in diffrent form.An artistic background person will think about colors, shades, etc., while a technical background person thinks about the benefits of wall paint,how fast he is working, etc.

IIn the above example, we have found that the same information can be accessed in many ways. It actually depends upon the training mind of observance. An artistic person will process data in their own trained mind and will get output in the form of questions like This wall could be more beautiful if it was painted with red and black paint. A technological person will wonder why that worker is so slow, why the wall is so tall, and so on. 

How can you use social media algorithms to train your brain?

In all of the preceding examples, we discovered that a specific field-trained mind will act as an expert in that field in every situation. What if we could train those minds for specific motos using visuals? For example, today ‘s leading social media activities They always recommend the same genre of videos and reels, so they are indirectly creating patterns in our minds. Their videos and reels are actually doing training for our minds and making patterns in our minds, and these patterns will show in our actions and thoughts.

How to train your mind for something specific?

In the above paragraph,we learned how social media is making patterns in our minds and these patterns are effecting our decision making capacities.

Now, I am going to tell you one way to convert social media into positive things. Even the algorithms of social media will train you for whatever you want to be in your life.

Example: Assume you want to be a doctor, but you’re trapped in youtube and reels, and they’re wasting your time and mind by implanting their ideas in your head. For the next 40 days, do one simple trick, such as subscribe and scroll only content related to doctors or medical fields. This will magically changes everthing.In this case, social media will only show you videos related to your doctor and the medical field because you are only watching those, and no other genre will be shown. If you do this for the next 40 days, your mind will be trained and old patterns of yours will be destroyed, and your mind is going to build a new pattern which is related to your medical field.

Thus, how you can convert the bad effects of social media into a positive one. This trick you can use in anything, whether you want to be professional or want to learn new things. Keep it up and follow the 40 day challenges.

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