Why do some poeple suddenly stop talking on social media?

How does it feel to be ignored by someone on social media?

Yes, it’s heartbreaking, but have you ever wondered why it happens?
There can be millions of reasons a person can have to excuse themselves from this immature behavior though many people don’t even care to give an excuse and stop talking, right?
But are you sure that they are the bad guy here? To answer that question, we need to know about the relationships we build on social media. Broadly, we have two types of connections on social media. The first one is known, and the second is unknown.
Let’s discuss the known connections first.

They can be your real-life friends, family, relatives, or someone you have had an acquaintance with in the past. If the person at fault is someone who has a good bond with you, then before you dive into your judging journey, stop and consider the fact that they might be busy or might have been going through something. Another reason can be more of your fault than theirs. Possibly you did or said something which offended them, and they want you to realize it on your own.

They may be depressed, disinterested, too tired, or too overwhelmed to continue the conversation. Sometimes people stop talking to you as a result of misunderstanding or miscommunication. It is easy to misinterpret the text message as the person you are talking to can not judge your feelings or emotions, and the same goes for you.

One of the many reasons is that the person doesn’t feel heard or understood by you, probably because you don’t give them the time to process your message and respond to it. Sending back-to-back messages can frustrate the person and force them to leave the conversation without telling you.

For close connections, another common issue is that they take you for granted. They know that you will wait for them or eventually talk to them even if they stop talking to you for some time.
Now let’s discuss unknown connections. These are your virtual connections. It means you know them through social sites or digital platforms but has never met them in person. So why do you think this new person you are talking to suddenly disappears?

The most common reason is unmatched interest. Most of the time, people chat on social media for entertainment or for a reason like building business connections or a relationship. But how can you talk to someone who does not serve your interest? In both cases, people lose interest in talking to you, maybe because they got priorities or didn’t get what they want in you.

Apart from that, all the reasons we discussed above apply to unknown connections too. Building new friendships on social media is not hard, but maintaining that friendship is. You need to understand what that person prefers. Many times you say something which ticks the clock off.

Not being able to put the right amount of respect, privacy, and sense of security can cause them to drop the conversation. Also, if they are putting the effort to talk to you and you are not able to give them the same effort and time may cause a lack of interest. Which eventually closes the conversation. In some cases, being over-enthusiastic or over-reactive all the time scares them.

As I stated in the beginning, there can be multiple reasons why they stop talking to you. But why can’t they say that this is the problem and I don’t want to talk to you for this reason? It’s a simple answer if they are your real-life connections, then they are purposely doing it.

It can be because they are angry with you and wants you to find out why. Or because they don’t want to continue the relationship with you. As for virtual connections, if they wish to end the relationship or friendship, then they stop talking.
However, I would suggest you should not dwell upon it too much. If you have any way to contact them, then go for it and ask it away.

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    Nice one …
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  • September 24, 2022 at 3:12 am

    This is so good. we always forget the common facts & think complicatedly. This simple description of yours & using layman term make it more understandable. Thank you. 💜

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